Tabler Spotlight: Studio Kitsune

Tabler/Distro/Project Name:

Studio Kitsune, (Tiffany ‘Foxy’ Fox)

Where are you coming from?

Bristol CT. Although I was born in Brighton, England. And moved to the US 4 years ago.

Tell me a little about yourself:

Hi! I’m Tiffany, or Foxy;  I’m an crazy Irish girl who has  been drawing comics and single page illustrations since 1993 for a variety of fanzines, magazines and convention books.

I’ve been printed in over 200 fanzines, and over 20 convention books in this time. When I’m not drawing I’m an active cosplayer, PC gamer (especially Blizzard Entertainment games), bellydancer, gardener, and green witch. I’m a vegetarian who loves cooking.  I’m also a GLBTQIA+ advocate and openly lesbian.

Tell me a little about your zines and/or other self-published works:

My earliest zines are ‘Anthropomorphine’, a general, all audiences furry anthology and ‘Foxes Are Neat’, an all fox furry magazine. In 1998, I started ‘Animosity’, working with the Leicester Anime and Manga Society (LANMA) and produced six issues of an anime/manga reviews, articles and art fanzine. ‘Distant Thunder’ is my main comic title, or which I’ve published 5 issues, and is a fantasy/comedy manga.  Aside from that I have a few one-off comics and art folios that I have produced over the years.

Why do you love zines and/or self-publishing, and what is your history with them?

My first experience with zines dates back to music fanzines in the early 90s.

When I got involved in the furry/anthro fandom in 1993 and started drawing, I found there were lots of fanzines out there, and I ended up drawing and writing for the first issue of ‘Furry Furry’, published by Alleged Literature out of Oxford, England.  In early 1993, I founded Lazy Fox Studios, self-publishing my own furry anthology titles, then in 1998, founded Studio Kitsune, the sister publishing venture, focusing on anime and manga. I was also a member of Sweatdrop Studios in England for a few years, which was a collective of writers and artists who all printed under the same banner.  I also self-publish comic work, and have published over 30 comics/fanzines to date.

I personally think a lot of the most creative writing and artwork in the world of comics can be found in zines where people are more open to express themselves and less bound by constraints of more professional publications.

Are you planning on bringing anything new to the fest?

My newest comic, an anthology collecting together the first 20 strips of my ‘Voop!’ pun based comic strip (which features in the APAzine ‘North American Fur’, published by Jarlidium Press) was printed last July 2017 and is my newest self-published title.

Where can we find you online?

My personal website is and my art can also be found at and

I have an Etsy store at (where all my self-published titles can be purchased), and a Patreon at

On Twitter I am @studio_kitsune and on Discord, foxkitten@8805 . Or you can always email me at !

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