Tabler Spotlight: Khaleel

Tabler/Distro/Project Name:


Where are you coming from?

New York, NY

Tell me a little about yourself.

I am a Detroit born and raised artist who moved to New York City in 2016. Since moving to NYC I decided to center the narratives of black and brown LGBT folks. My hobbies are photography and playing video games!

Tell me a little about your zines and/or other self-published works.

I make mostly coloring books and zines. My Natural Hair Coloring Book shows the diversity and celebrates the beauty of natural black hair. My Tarot Card Coloring Book has 14 images of my interpretation of the occult tarot with queer and trans people of color. My zine, All That There Is, centers my personal experience with mental health with images and poetry.

Why do you love zines and/or self-publishing, and what is your history with them?

I love zines and self publishing because it gives folks a creative way to express themselves.

Are you planning on bringing anything new to the fest?

I am bringing my newest work Trans In Panels, which focuses on some of my experiences as a trans person (in comic form).

Where can we find you online?

My work can be found on tumblr under thisnumberisinvalid, instagram under @khaleelartt, and facebook under Art by Khaleel.

Tabler Spotlight: Mass Love Distro

Tabler/Distro/Project Name: 

Mass Love Distro

Where are you coming from?

Boston, Massachusetts

Tell me a little about yourself.

Mass Love Distro is a Massachusetts-based distro focused on creating and distributing engaging, immersive multimedia artwork from local area artists, with an emphasis on zines, books, records, CDs, pins, patches, stickers, and other merch. Started in 2015, Mass Love aims to connect writers and artists, inspire organic growth, spread positivity, promote creative and open communication, and encourage all to unfold their potential on this planet.

Tell me a little about your zines and/or other self-published works.

CRUST is the 36-page collaboration between poet PJ Carmichael and photographer Torey Bunish, printed in a limited run of 100 copies. Going Nowhere Fast is the second zine offering from Mass Love and will be available at the fest: 48 pages of poetry and photography from PJ Carmichael and Adam Kooken, printed in a limited edition of 50 copies.

Why do you love zines and/or self-publishing, and what is your history with them?

After making a collaborative poetry/photography zine entitled “High Tension” in 2012/2013 and expecting a lack of positive reception, I was pleasantly surprised to find that friends and peers at the university I was attending were interested in obtaining copies of the zine. That first issue expanded into a second, then a third (and so on), and I began to become more involved in the world of zines and self-publishing, ordering different zines from all corners of the globe based on what piqued my interest and drew me in. With much more exposure to various zines, zinesters, and the vast expanse of self-publication, I decided to form a distro in order to have an outlet to self-publish through and also an outlet through which to promote and distribute the work of others who created zines and other self-published materials that I feel should be spread to a wider audience.

Zines and self-publishing allow for complete creative freedom for anyone who wants to put their work (writing, photography, design, illustration, etc.) out there. Because the term “zine” is so open-ended, the format permits an endless amount of creativity. The community of zine-makers and self-publishers is filled with dynamic, fascinating, passionate individuals that continually remind me why I keep on creating and distributing zines and other self-published works.

Are you planning on bringing anything new to the fest?

Going Nowhere Fast is the second zine offering from Mass Love and will be available at the fest: 48 pages of poetry and photography from PJ Carmichael and Adam Kooken.

Where can we find you online?
Instagram: @masslovedistro

Tabler Spotlight: Studio Kitsune

Tabler/Distro/Project Name:

Studio Kitsune, (Tiffany ‘Foxy’ Fox)

Where are you coming from?

Bristol CT. Although I was born in Brighton, England. And moved to the US 4 years ago.

Tell me a little about yourself:

Hi! I’m Tiffany, or Foxy;  I’m an crazy Irish girl who has  been drawing comics and single page illustrations since 1993 for a variety of fanzines, magazines and convention books.

I’ve been printed in over 200 fanzines, and over 20 convention books in this time. When I’m not drawing I’m an active cosplayer, PC gamer (especially Blizzard Entertainment games), bellydancer, gardener, and green witch. I’m a vegetarian who loves cooking.  I’m also a GLBTQIA+ advocate and openly lesbian.

Tell me a little about your zines and/or other self-published works:

My earliest zines are ‘Anthropomorphine’, a general, all audiences furry anthology and ‘Foxes Are Neat’, an all fox furry magazine. In 1998, I started ‘Animosity’, working with the Leicester Anime and Manga Society (LANMA) and produced six issues of an anime/manga reviews, articles and art fanzine. ‘Distant Thunder’ is my main comic title, or which I’ve published 5 issues, and is a fantasy/comedy manga.  Aside from that I have a few one-off comics and art folios that I have produced over the years.

Why do you love zines and/or self-publishing, and what is your history with them?

My first experience with zines dates back to music fanzines in the early 90s.

When I got involved in the furry/anthro fandom in 1993 and started drawing, I found there were lots of fanzines out there, and I ended up drawing and writing for the first issue of ‘Furry Furry’, published by Alleged Literature out of Oxford, England.  In early 1993, I founded Lazy Fox Studios, self-publishing my own furry anthology titles, then in 1998, founded Studio Kitsune, the sister publishing venture, focusing on anime and manga. I was also a member of Sweatdrop Studios in England for a few years, which was a collective of writers and artists who all printed under the same banner.  I also self-publish comic work, and have published over 30 comics/fanzines to date.

I personally think a lot of the most creative writing and artwork in the world of comics can be found in zines where people are more open to express themselves and less bound by constraints of more professional publications.

Are you planning on bringing anything new to the fest?

My newest comic, an anthology collecting together the first 20 strips of my ‘Voop!’ pun based comic strip (which features in the APAzine ‘North American Fur’, published by Jarlidium Press) was printed last July 2017 and is my newest self-published title.

Where can we find you online?

My personal website is and my art can also be found at and

I have an Etsy store at (where all my self-published titles can be purchased), and a Patreon at

On Twitter I am @studio_kitsune and on Discord, foxkitten@8805 . Or you can always email me at !

We Got the Grant!

So, I haven’t received official official notification about this or signed a contract yet, but someone working for the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council notified me that I will indeed be getting the REGI (Regional Initiative) arts grant I applied for to start the Litchfield County Zine Fest! I’m listed on this state website (under Canaan and Olivia Montoya) along with the grant amount, in case you wanted to see:

From this point forward, we know for certain that the LCZF is going to happen! My next steps are to wait for the official notification, sign the contract, receive the money, reserve the venue and finalize the date (probably a Saturday or Sunday in May or June), and send out the applications!

Get excited!!!

We’re also still looking for volunteers! Contact me at metaparadox11 AT gmail DOT com if you’re interested!


Indiegogo Campaign and Poster!

Here’s the preliminary poster for the Litchfield County Zine Fest 2017 (date, time, and location to be added)! Drawn by Olivia M.

Also super important: we started an Indiegogo campaign to raise the $1700 necessary to put on the fest. If we can raise that money, tablers won’t have to pay fees! If we earn more than the base goal, we can afford extra stuff! Check it out!