Update on How Things are Going

A few months ago I submitted an arts grant proposal to the Connecticut Office of the Arts that would fund most of the fest and allow for tablers to not have to pay a fee. Results were supposed to have been released by now, but the grants have been put on hold until Connecticut can decide on a state budget, which may take until the end of the month. This means that I may have to push the fest back until September. I don’t want to have to push it until October, because there is another zine fest in CT planned for that month, as well as a fairly major one in New York City.

If I don’t get the grant, I will be running a Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Gofundme campaign to raise money for the event. Even if I don’t get the grant I will probably still run a campaign, as grant recipients are still expected to raise some of their funds themselves. As soon as the grant results are available, I’ll work on securing a date, releasing the tabling application, and reserving the location (I’m trying to get the Kent Community House, but a local library has also offered their space in case this doesn’t work out.)

– Olivia


This is still in the early planning stages, but I’m hoping to create a zine fest in Litchfield County, Connecticut for the summer of 2017. A zine fest is an event where zine creators get to sell their zines to the public all in one place. And what is a zine? A zine is a self-published booklet typically made and distributed by the same person or small group of people. Zines can be about anything! They can contain poetry, prose, comics, art, photography, personal stories, essays, and more! Zines are usually hand printed or photocopied, so nearly anyone can make one!

If you would be interested in tabling at such an event, please fill out this survey:

Keep an eye on this spot for more information! Also, if you live nearby, create zines, and would be interested in helping to organize this event, or would be interested in participating in some other way, email me at

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